Systems Integration

Have a website, CRM, marketing, and phone systems that don't speak together? Most likely they can.

Every business has multiple systems they use and usually they were developed or purchased separately. Integrating business systems can help a company work more efficiently by providing easier data flow and reducing steps to complete tasks. Additionally, if you are using some SAAS (Software As A Service) solutions we can integrate with third party services via web services and APIs.
Below are a few examples.

Sales: Make sales agents more efficient by adding click-to-call functionality in your CRM reducing the dial time for each call. If you have a VOIP phone system you may very well have this ability already and do not know it. Add an interactive script with inputs that will update the CRM record and add a call record once submitted. Use third party APIs to provide better insight to your sales agetns. Based on the result of the call start sending out email campaigns to keep up engagement with the customer in the background and alert sales if the customer responds.

Management: Combine data from your CRM, accounting, and marketing to provide better reporting to upper management. Stop using intuition to rank employees and use your existing data for employee Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This isn't just for large companies. Even small companies can do it and should because each employee has a large impact on the overall company performance than in a large company. It is likely the data already exists and merely needs to be compiled properly. If not, there are many inexpensive or even free options to make these tools available.

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