Custom CRM

Manage your business with a custom CRM. The right system for your business.

Just about every business uses some sort of leads management system whether it be a Rolodex or a million dollar custom CRM. A CRM can help track what interaction you've had with your customers and prospects and manage those interactions more effectively. Beyond that a CRM can streamline aspects to your business you probably haven't thought about such as invoicing, reporting, document management, quotes, marketing, workflows, vendors, projects, and support tickets.

I have used, customized, and tested many different CRM options and can help find the right solution for your organization. Additionally, I can help customize these solutions to fit your business and integrate it with other systems. Here are the CRMs I do customizations with:

  • Sugar CRM:

    • SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRMs in the world and supports organizations from a few to tens of thousands.
    • Aiblity to deploy on-demand as well as host on your own servers
    • Tons of ready to deploy vetted add on packages available at Sugar Outfitters
  • Suite CRM:

    • Open source CRM forked off of SugarCRMs open source version with many more features and upgrades.
    • Many of the Sugar Outfitters packages also work on SuiteCRM
  • LCM: LCM

    • Leads Contact Manager (LCM) is a great solutions that just want to manage their leads and make notes. It has an inexpensive one time license and is easily customizable

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