Database Integration

Expand your website beyond HTML. Turn your website into an web application.

Websites built solely on HTML are great for static pages that rarely if ever change. However, if you want dynamic content you control adding a database to your website can greatly expand the functionality. While there are thousands of reasons to integrate a database into your site here are a few of the more common.

Case 1: Events

Situation: Let's say you have events or meetings you want to display on your website. One method would be to update the HTML on your page with the information. This is easy enough especially if you are using a CMS like Wordpress.

Issue: There are a couple of problems with this though. If the events information is displayed in different locations on your website you'll have to make the changes in multiple places. Additionally, once the event date has passed you'll have to go in and update again to remove it and add in your next meeting or event.

Alternative: With a database integrated into your site this process is much easier. All you have to do is add the information into the fields we set up either by form or through an interface with the database. The info will appear formatted the exact same every time anywhere on the site we designate. Additionally, once the event has passed we will program it to disappear automatically.

Case 2: Products

Situation: Want to sell or at least display your products on your site or list contact information for your sales agents?

Issue: Again this is easy enough to do by writing straight HTML but the maintenance is a nightmare. Anytime you need to update a product information or add a new one the code will have to be updated. Also if you want to change anything about how the products are displayed you'd have to update the code on each products' element individually. Same problem with listing sales agents. When you expand and hire new ones you'll have to add to the code.

Alternative: Maintenance for this will not go away using a database but it will be vastly easier. If you want to change the font or color of the title of the product it is easy as changing one line of code instead of changing for each product you have. Each item will be formatted the same after the change.

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