Denver – Montana

We got to Golden Gate State Park outside of Golden Colorado after a hard to day push from Durango. This was an awesome state park with tons of great trails. A client I’m working with is based out of Denver so I was able to meet with them in person which was great to put faces behind the voices.

Wyoming was relatively uneventful. We had a great time in Buffalo where we stayed at our first KOA on our trip. For a small town Buffalo had an incredible inter-urban trail system. One of the paths actually went all the way into the Bighorns. Everyone in Wyoming was extraordinarily nice in a surprisingly not annoying way.

Our next stop was Billings Montana. My father and step-mother met us there for a few days. This was a special visit because it was their first time meeting Tilly. Unfortunately Tilly was going through a bit of stranger danger and the first day or so she freaked out whenever my dad picked her up.

After Billings we headed to Helena Montana which was pretty high on our pre-trip list of places we wanted to look at to potentially live. After spending 2 weeks in Helena and seriously considered staying. We even looked at a house that was 2 blocks from trails and about 6 blocks from downtown. Despite the serial killer looking basement this 1872 house was beautiful and seemed to be in great condition. In the end we weren’t quite ready to end our trip and taking on another mortgage (we still own our house in Boulder City but are renting in out) would likely have added more stress than we wanted to take on.

Campsite at Devil’s Elbow Campground

All in all after 2+ months we are all doing well. We had our longest push to date leaving Great Falls making it all the way to Glendive, MT (about 350 miles). Instead of pushing hard we found a park part way through the drive and stopped at a park to relax and let the dogs out and Tilly got a chance to get out of her carseat. While a long day this stopped helped made the day much more bearable.



Trails around Helena
Taking a break with Tilly and Carl

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