After leaving Silverton we felt we were rushing the trip quite a bit. The longest we stayed in one place was 3 days. Pulling into Durango we were looking to stay 4-5 days at least for a little breather.

While it is cool having this chance to explore many different places one negative is we don’t know much about a place before we get there. We do some research but there is only so much you can do online.


We had booked 2 nights in an RV campground a few miles out of downtown Durango. The pictures looked lovely and they advertised¬†Wi-Fi and laundry which we needed badly. Although the pictures online looked nice this RV park stunk. The sites are packed like sardines, the laundry was a rip off, and the “WiFi” was a big joke. That wouldn’t have been so bad but the campground was in a little canyon and I didn’t even have cell signal to use my hotspot.

Luckily we had only booked 2 nights and had a chance to explore the area and found a really awesome National Forest Campground at Junction Creek. We didn’t have any hookups but the fees were cheap and I was able to bike into town in the mornings to work.

View From Durango Library

We like it so much we ended up staying almost 2 weeks in Durango. This little break was nice and I was really productive since we weren’t traveling so much. I spent a lot of time at Durango Joes Coffee Shop and the Durango Public Library.

Hanging with family after swimming at rec. center pool

As we left Durango we reached a month on the road. Everything is going pretty well so far. We are finding our expenses are a bit higher than we expected. Camping, fuel, and groceries account for most of the discrepancy. This should level out this next month when we start receiving income from renting our house back in Nevada.



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