Grand Junction – One the Road Pt 2

If you didn’t see it here is part one Part One of the family ditching everything in Southern Nevada and deciding to hit the road. We left off as we left Crystal Geyser heading to Grand Junction…

So far in our adventure the longest we stayed in one location was two nights. We had covered a fair amount of ground considering towing a trailer, taking care of trailer utilities (dumping and filling), a seven month old baby, and two dogs is pretty slow going.

My wife Ashlee has friends in Grand Junction, CO so we planned on staying anywhere from 3-7 days there depending on how things were going. Our first stop was the North Fruita Desert Campground. On a map this didn’t look very far from Grand Junction but in practice it was about a 40 minute drive. Fruita itself isn’t far from Grand Junction but the the dirt road leading to the campground was 8 miles and the turnoff to the dirt road was 10 or so miles from the highway.

We ended up moving closer to town to a full on RV park which wasn’t our preferred type of place to stay but in the end was much more peaceful. Grand Junction ended up being a really good time. I was able to get quite a bit of work done and it was great hanging our with our friends who showed us around.

It so happened there was a low key race over the weekend called the Garfield Grumble. It is only about 4 miles but climbs and descends 2000 ft up and down the peak of Mt. Garfield near Palisade, CO. This was my first ‘race’ in over two years since my strange temporary paralysis (another story).
Mt. Garfield

We also met a bunch of people in town who were all super nice and inviting. This was particularly cool because like Las Vegas most people it seems in Grand Junction weren’t from there. Definitely recommend the brewery and distillery in Palisade about 15 minutes away from Grand Junction.

Trail in Grand Junction

All in all Grand Junction was a lot of fun. Our time there felt a bit hectic because there was a lot we wanted to do while we were there.

From here we are heading down to Ridgeway, CO for a few days.

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