Hitting The Road

So last week my wife and I sold all of our crap, rented our house, and set out on the road with our two dogs and seven-month old baby.

This wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. We have been thinking about living on the road for a couple of years now. Slowly we have sold/donated things we had accumulated individually and together.

We ended up renting our house in Boulder City, NV and packed our toy hauler and left town last Saturday (May 21st 2016). Our first stop was Sand Hallow State Park in Hurricane, UT.



The park is next to a reservoir and the area is a popular boating and OHV destination. After getting to the campsite and setting up we visited my friend Ron’s house in Springdale.

Before heading out the next day we relaxed a bit and each ran around the reservoir then sat by the beach with the baby.

Our next destination was Green Valley, UT but we learned our lesson about pushing it and driving too long on a recent trip to Carlsbad, CA. What is normally a 5 hour drive in decent conditions became a 7.5 hour drive between letting the dogs out and feeding/tending to the baby. We were all pretty fried after that and vowed to not make the mistake again.

So we stopped for the night at Freemont Indian State Park which is West of Richfield, UT on I-70. This is a beautiful location and it was a bit of a bummer we couldn’t stay but the location had no service so I couldn’t do any work.

We left early the next morning and decided to Boondock (free camping typically with no services) outside of Green Valley at a place called Crystal Geyser. Our original intention was to stay one night but this place was so relaxing we stayed two days.

The geyser would ‘erupt’ every 4-8 hours or so. Most were pretty unremarkable but one time the eruptions were around 15 feet high and this lasted for over 30 minutes. One interesting note about Crystal Geyser is that it is a cold water geyser fueled by CO2 underground.

Crystal Geyser UT

IMG_1061 IMG_1062


We left Crystal Geyser early on Wednesday May 25th for Grand Junction where we planned to spend several days to meet up with friends and check out the area as a possible place to live.

…. to be continued …

Easy PayPal Addon

This is just a quick and easy tip for adding payment options to your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM Invoices to make it easier to get paid and get paid faster.

PayPal has a nice feature called PayPal Me (https://paypal.me) which provides a link you can share to take PayPal payments. After finishing the signup process you will get a unique url that is tied to your PayPal account:


One nice feature is you can append your url with an extra slash and enter the value of the payment so https://www.paypal.me/SMickelberry/100 adds $100 to the form:

PayPal Me with Value


You can use this to easily add a link to your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM invoices.

  • SugarCRM 7
    • Go to Admin->PDF Manager->Invoice
    • Add the line
      • Pay with PayPal : https://paypal.me/<user_identifier>/{$fields.total|replace:’$’:”}
      • https://paypal.me/SMickelberry/{$fields.total|replace:’$’:”} (example)
      • Notice the replace function for the PDF template. You need to remove the currency sign from the total value.
    • Use the editor to make the link a different color and clickable.
  • SuiteCRM
    • Modules->PDF Templates->Invoice
    • Add the line
      • Pay with Paypal https://paypal.me/<user_identifier>/$total_amount
      • https://paypal.me/SMickelberry/$total_amount  (example)
    • Use the editor to make the link editable.

After that you will have a link your customer can use to pay you quickly. Remember as the person receiving money you pay the fees to PayPal. At the time of this writing those fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (https://www.paypal.me/pages/faqs).


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