Red Rock Fat Ass 2011

(reposted from smut blog)

What a beautiful day we had for this year’s version of the Red Rock Fat Ass. 41 runners started out and most finished.┬áSMUT was represented extremely well and we all had a good time, at least for the majority of the day. Josh, Shane, Shad, Brad, Eric, Dana, Peggy, Tami, Kathy, Paula, Barbara, and Amy came out and Casey Harney swept the course.

Everyone was all smiles at the Willow Springs picnic area where Britta, Karen, and Flanigan ran the aid station. The race really began here on the difficult 4.5-5 mile climb up Rocky Gap Road. The road was extremely washed out from recent storms and we encountered mud, rocks, ice, and snow on the way to Red Rock Summit. 

Josh led the whole way
Shane Leaving Willow
Barbara and Amy leading the Dirty Girls
Brad smiling as always
Dana all smiles before Rock Gap Road
Kathy before the spill
Shad on return to Willow
Peggy working hard

The climb and descent of Rocky Gap Road took its toll on most of us. Probably none more than Kathy who took a nasty looking spill and wisely called it a day when she got down. It was pretty cool to be have this out and back to be able to see and cheer on all the familiar faces.

It turned out knowing the course turned out to be vital. The actual course was just shy of 23 miles but many did at least one more if not several more miles. At the finish line it was pretty hilarious to see people coming in from every direction imaginable. Brian Tinder from Flagstaff set the record and found a way to fit in a true trail marathon. Josh Brimhall found him hitchhiking on the road when coming back from grabbing some lunch. 

Finishing times are not that important in a Fat Ass event. However, several SMUTs had some strong runs (Josh 3:08, Shane 3:24, Shad 3:32, Eric 3:39?, Brad?, Peggy 4:45ish?) The dirty girls (Dana, Paula, Barbara, Amy, and Tami) stuck together the whole day and kept each other going. They definitely got the time on their feet award and really enjoyed the day.
Albeit a changed course and different feel, I think we kept the spirit of the Fat Ass. Lost runners, beer at the finish line, and above all getting together with like minded people who love the outdoors. Thanks to everyone for coming out. We all appreciate Britta, Karen, and Flanigan for helping at the aid station. Finally, special thanks to Red Rock Running Company and Ian Torrence for all the work that went into making the race happen.
Shad with race director Ian Torrence
Eric finishing well
The dirty girls rolling on in
Barbara, Amy, and Dana
Tami dug deep to finish
Shane and Brian Tinder
Frida providing some entertainment
Post race 40 yard dash against Clara
Paula at the finish
All in and accounted for