Just an Update

Hello everyone,

Everything has been going well lately.  Nothing too exciting to report so I thought I’d just give a quick update on what’s going on.  I’ve been training pretty hard getting in shape for this summer.  I have a three sided plan to get ready for some big stuff I have coming up.  First, I have been losing a little more weight.  I decided to do this using the logic that the more weight I lose, the less I have to carry.  Ten pounds of fat is like carrying a ten pound weighbelt.  Second, I’ve been continuing the speed work I started in January.  This includes doing timed miles on a jogging track at a nearby park and hill repeats.  Yes hill repeats are running up and down a hill for you non-sleuthing types.  I think this speed work is paying off pretty well.  My mile times have been getting faster and I seem to be able to power up hills a little better.  I only recently started the hill workouts so I’m hoping that improves even more so over the next few weeks.  Lastly, I’ve been doing longer long runs on the weekends.  The last few weeks I’ve done long runs Saturday and Sunday of approximately equal time, 2.5-3.5 hours.  This also seems to be helping and will provide a pretty good foundation for this summer.

So what are all these plans I’m eluding to?  First, I’m entered in the PCT 50 mile run down in San Diego on May 9th.  I plan on doing another Grand Canyon run coming up in April.  For two years I’ve been thinking of doing this adventure run out in the Sierras, Evolution 100k,  that I want to do this Summer.  Finally, I’m getting close to making the commitment to running the Leadville 100 mile trail run this August.  This would be quite an escalation for me as a runner.  This race is known as one of the toughest of the 100 mile endurance runs because the course averages about 10,000 ft over it’s entire length.  I’ve always done pretty well at elevation, however, so I’m no too concerned about that with the proper preperation.  The crux will be finding time to log enough miles to be ready for over up to 30 hours of locomotion.  

School has been going well this term.  I’m taking a couple online classes because I couldn’t fit any regular classes into my work schedule these few months.  What is one to do though.  That whole eating and paying the bills thing seems to always get in the way.  I’m taking an African American history class as well as a modern literature class.  Unfortunately no engineering classes this term.  They aren’t offered online and the labs involed, as I said earlier, didn’t fit into my schedule.  Lately I’ve started to put together another blog that will provide trail running information around Las Vegas and possibly other areas after that.  I haven’t had much time to work on it much and it’s all very preliminary.

Anyway I’m beat tired and that’s about all that’s going on now.  Hope all is well with anyone reading this.